Welcome to Chi Voyage

In 2010, I quit my first and only job for 3 months as an employee and realised I wasn't made for 9-5s. I wanted work, play and life to be seamless and mutually non-exclusive. I went back to doing what I loved, I started freelancing as a logo/graphic-designer, ui/ux/creative director and a photographer. I worked as C-Dan, an anglicised moniker of Chidanand. I travelled frequently as I did so.

6 years later, having travelled many nations and having brought many projects to fruition for clients across the globe, I’m striving to shape up to be a digital nomad. In these years, a great deal of life has happened, things have changed and now, C-Dan must go.

I present to you, Chi.
The energy, the symbiosis, the life force, also me.
chi.voyage  is where travel and life stories will unfold.
chi.cafe will brew art and photography.

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