Chidanand Hiremath aka Chi loves life.

Chi loves making art, taking photos. He loves to move, be it karate, parkour or dancing all night long.

Chi is a rational hedonist. He seeks pleasure in life, making sure no one's harmed in the process. He seldom falls in love, but when he does, he dives in deep. He surrenders to the euphoria of the present, serendipity is his drug.

Chi hates inequality. He hates pointless social constructs. He wishes a colorful and just world with a great deal of diversity minus privilege or oppression.

Chi has heaps of unchannelled energy. He needs to share it to be happy. He believes humans live only once and the world is huge and the possibilities are endless. He seeks to maximise his experiences and moments on earth.
And so he travels. Travel fuels him.

He sets out. A new road awaits.

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