Some sunsets.

I don't really have an aim or a specific destination in mind when I begin a trip. I have a general idea of where I'm going to be, only restricted by my visa.I dive into a world of varied experiences including but not limited to - meeting new people, engaging in stimulating conversations, being philosophical, exchanging ideas, discussing world politics, culture and habits, tasting new vegan dishes -meeting strong independent women who know what they want, unfettered by traditional, regressive and patriarchal societies - meeting and hanging out with guys that I gel well with - giving in to nature, surrendering, being vulnerable, seeing time stop, letting go, learning to love, to absorb beauty, to keep walking without preconceptions.

This is one those times, when you see the sunset and just gaze in awe. You need nothing more to be happy at that moment, everything else is a distant thought and you surrender to the moment.

The golden rays own me and I'm just a silhouette.

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