Frankfurt - quick guide

Hi everyone, I'm in Frankfurt, Germany now and it's nice to say the least. Frankfurt isn't really a tourist destination, it's more of a business hub but there's still a lot to see and explore.

This is my first city-guide/story, I'll spare you the verbiage and present information and stories in a photo-log format.
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Transport & Commute

Public transport in Germany is very efficient and fairly affordable. Download the official DB navigator app and you're set. One ticket covers trains S-bahn & U-bahn, buses and trams and everything's within walking distance from the destination-stop. Tickets can be purchased for single journeys or for the entire day (Tageskarte) for zones in the city. A day ticket costs slightly lesser than a two-way ticket from anywhere to anywhere so unless are commuting only one-way, make sure you buy one when you head out!

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Vegan Food

Vegan food is easy to find. Every supermarket has a vegetarian section which contains vegan food and almost every restaurant has at least one item on the menu that's vegan. Don't miss out on Aroma vegan with the best falafel doners in town and Veganz supermarket/bistro

Going out and about

There are maps with keys in most parts of the cities. Start from the central station (Hauptbahnhof) and walk straight on the road facing it. You'll come across hostels, hotels, tourist information and parks. If you take the road that adjacent to the main street on the left, you walk through the red light area and the seedy neighbourhood. If you walk along the road adjacent to the main street on the right, you go through the Turkish neighbourhood. The food here is absolutely delicious and very cheap. Bergerstrasse is the nicest street in town for restaurants and small pubs.
Go out and explore, walk around as much as you can, dive into the city.

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More city guides coming soon.

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