All set for Europe!

I recently acquired my Schengen Tourist Visa from the German consulate in Mumbai the and I'm super stoked about my Eurotrip!

I have been wanting to backpack Europe for a long time but it took forever getting to it. The one thing that makes spontaneous trips to western 'first world' nations difficult is your passport, and the Indian passport well, ahem. ahem.

Here's a list of countries and their visa requirements for Indians.

India ranks 77th with 49 visa-free countries

That said, it wasn't really that difficult to get a 3 month visa from Germany. My papers were in order and I got my visa stamped in only 2 working days. An honest covering letter helps heaps and so does an invitation letter from friends or family residing in the Schengen state you're applying to.
Making sure you miss nothing in the required documents checklist helps you save time and energy and aids your application for expedited processing.

So, with travel documents out of the way, I move on to more important things, clothes. That reminds me, can someone loan me a warm jacket that didn't require animals to be harmed or killed to make it? Scandinavia and the arctic circle won't really care for me being vegan. So much for Karma.

More updates soon, bookmark this blog!

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