I won't deny it, most humans will forever seek belongingness and validation for thought and action. We are social animals.

But see, if you're in that small percentage of people that wants to bring about change, change that makes sense, change that's absolutely necessary, change worth fighting for, but other humans fail to see it and you feel alone, then don't worry, nothing to fear. For the pioneers and the revolutionaries have always led the way so that someday many people don't feel alone, feel they belong, in a world where everyone understands.

Humans always tend to move at a slow pace towards idealism and despite there always being advancements, relativity makes sure there will always be things that seem frustrating. Not letting this bog you down or radicalize you, or make you a misanthrope or a nihilist is vital for you to make the best use of your time on earth. It's not about perfection, it's about existing in the most satisfying, the most pleasurable and the most sensible way possible, understanding that other beings, within their means, human or otherwise, seek the same.

Keep walking the walk and talking the talk, you are never alone.


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