Vietnamese women's day

Việt Nam is one of my favorite destinations. I have cancelled flight tickets, extended visas to maximize my time there. The people of Vietnam are hardworking to say the least and Vietnamese women are strong. October 20th is observed as Vietnamese women's day or Ngày phụ nữ Việt Nam.

Vietnamese women dominate the workforce in Vietnam with their powerful presence, they own and run hotels, shops, supermarkets, the corner pho-shops, they work in construction, you name it and they do it. They have served in war too.

As a feminist coming from a regrettably, male-dominated nation, India, the space women occupy in Vietnam is heartening to see. The economic side of things has changed owing to free-market reforms but the left socialist/communist history and present reflects in Vietnamese society and it largely remains equal. There still are some issues, gender pay-gap being one of them but Vietnamese women are making sure they're being heard on every front.
I wish someday, patriarchal society sees how insecure and wrong it is and male-privilege disappears, making way for equality.
I leave you with a photo of 2 women, sisters I met in Da Lat, Vietnam.
"You are the future. Show 'em!"

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